Sound investment decisions
are based on research.

Research is based on data. Accessing and interpreting data on smart contracts in itself is already complex. Aggregating data on nested, complex strategies is even more difficult. The sheer number of investment opportunities makes it nearly impossible for novices to gain clarity. With Kasuria you can focus on your core business and use our product specifically for what you need.

Let´s take a closer look …

Our product perfectly fits your needs.

In DeFi it is hard to get good and accurate data to base your decisions on. We provide you with unique abilities that derive from our two product features: 1) excellent data that can be accessed via our database 2) a powerful and easy-to-use web application, with which you can assess your strategies and metrics. The combination of these two factors is what makes it possible for you to win against the enormous complexity of the DeFi environment and gives you a huge advantage in mastering the DeFi game.

Feature #1:
Excellent Database

Investing in DeFi can be overwhelming and complicated. It is very time consuming to gather the right data that meets the highest standards in terms of completeness and quality. Due to this and other factors it is expensive and lengthy to build internal capacities. This is where Kasuria comes into play. We thrive to make it a lot more efficient and effective for you to get our license than build comparable structures yourself.
Our mission is to make investing in DeFi a lot more easy for you. We take care of the data, so you can focus on your core business.

Feature #2:
Kasuria Web App

Say hello to your new favourite DeFi tool. With our powerful web application you can define your multi-step-strategy and calculate your results based on historical DeFi data OR by defining your metrics like a specific Sharpe-ratio, your desired total return over a given timeframe within a certain scope (e.g., ETH) you can display multi-step strategies that match your goals.
You can access the free version of our app here. If you want to talk to a sales rep to discuss your specific needs please go to our contact page.

You can Use Kasuria with two approaches

Introducing Kasuria Composer

The following video contains a short demo of the Kasuria Composer that is expected to go live in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Discover the kasuria roadmap

STAGE 1 – Q4/2022 to Q2/2023

  • Login, Account and Account Management
  • Wallet integration
  • Strategy and metric quick filters
  • Saving strategies
  • Tracking strategies
  • Lido Finance support
  • Aave borrowing support
  • Convex Finance support
  • Yearn support

STAGE 2 – Q2/2023 to Q3/2023

  • Private strategies
  • Sharing strategies with whitelisted accounts
  • Push notifications
  • Strategy portfolio builder and comparison
  • Additional lending protocol support
  • Additional staking protocol support
  • Additional liquidity pool support
  • Additional layer 2 support

STAGE 3 – Q3/2023 to Q4/2023

  • Weighted strategies
  • Strategy portfolio optimization
  • Re-harvesting
  • Standardized retail API
  • Excel export
  • Scoreboards
  • Multi-wallet strategies
  • Joint strategy building
  • Community governance
  • Additional lending protocol suppport
  • Additional staking protocol support
  • Additional liquidity pool support
  • Additional layer 1 support

Your benefits

Set your strategy on a solid foundation

  • With a vast collection of well-known, proven financial metrics
  • Accompanied by Crypto/DeFi-specific data
  • Assess your financial risk and your expected returns
  • Receive information about tokens, projects and protocols

Aggregate and abstract interlinked strategies

  • Select the right investment opportunity
  • Compare different strategies and verticals in depth
  • Build your portfolio of strategies and benchmark
  • Track investments and transactions

Select, benchmark and track your investments

  • DeFi is not only about buying and trading tokens – often it is most rewarding to combine different strategies and protocols, for example liquidity pools and staking
  • Interlinked strategies and various consecutive steps in yield harvesting make the overall assessment of financial risk and returns complicated
  • Kasuria is the only solution in the market that provides financial data for the building blocks of DeFi strategies as aggregated “one-line-items”

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