Our Mission is to make DeFi
accessible and assessable.

Kasuria is a unique player within the landscape of DeFi data companies. What makes us special is our combination of excellent data and our powerful web app with which you can assess your DeFi investment strategies. In order to build this product and continously improve it we have gathered a team of highly qualified and ambitioned specialists from various backgrounds.

Get to know the team …

Founding team

With DeFi emerging as a new asset class the founders quickly realised the unique challenges which are rooted in the enormous complexity of the DeFi space. While developing a solution for their own demand a scalable solution was born that now transformed into Kasuria GmbH with the mission to make DeFi accessible and assessable and thereby enabling better DeFi investments. The founders each have a blockchain related background. Agata Oleksy (Chief Technical Officer) is a data expert and lead several large scale projects in big banks like ABN Amro. Fabian Kroll (Chief Executive Officer) is an Engineer and has been working as a strategy consultant in the financial industry for a long time.

Agata Oleksy (CTO) and Fabian Kroll (CEO)


Fabian Kroll
CEO / Founder

Fabian is an engineer with an MBA and has extensive experience as a strategy consultant in the Financial Services industry. He worked on business models, product innovation and digital transformation. Or to put it in a nutshell: he’s a creative problem solver. Out of never-ending curiosity he went down the rabbit hole of crypto a couple of years ago and hasn’t reappeared since.

Agata Oleksy
CTO / Founder

Agata is a highly experienced data scientist and business intelligence specialist. Her work revolved around predictive models as well as business analytics in the Oil and Gas Sector and in Finance. She has become an expert in big data concepts and DLT data analyses although her secret passion has always been hands-on product development. Her motto: “In God we trust. All others must bring data.”

Christian Sauer

Christian is a creative genius and experienced growth hacker with more than 20 years of traction in sales and marketing. He has built and sold businesses and would be a driving force at any global marketing agency. Instead he chose the path of exploration and followed his heart to become a builder in the blockchain space. He is our secret energy source. His mindset: „To the moon is not enough!“

Michal Losiewicz
Head of Engineering

Michal is what you would call a veteran in Systems and Software Architecture and has worked for countless teams and across the whole technology stack. His exposé lists 25+ languages – only two of them are natural. Having put a lot of skin into crypto lately, he naturally decided to take the chance and settle for a more permanent leadership role in that space – so he didn’t have to think twice when we asked him to join.

Sebastian Wöhler
Blockchain Data Engineer

Sebastian is a much sought-after data engineer and -scientist who has worked for multiple blockchain startups. He’s a crypto native and a tech afficionado through and through – for him Satoshi’s whitepaper is a piece of art. Clean data sets are his most desirable good. He regards them as fundamental building blocks for value creation in analytics applications and thriving business models.

Benedict Wolff
Product Owner

Benedict is a true tech and business all-rounder with multiple years of experience in selling, delivering and implementing custom software applications in various industries. Being part of the crypto and DeFi space since 2016, he is the natural-born product owner and driving force of our product development. He is also known as “Mister 100%” – adored by us, but feared by his kickboxing opponents after work.

Björn Hanneke
Associated academic advisor

Björn holds degrees in International Management and Finance and is a financial markets and crypto specialist. In his current role as a researcher and future PhD he is of great value for Kasuria as our advisor, constant challenger, competition analyst, use case creator, outreach to the academic world… First and foremost he is fast. Very fast. With thinking but also on his bike in his free time. Rumor has it this is due to his extensive coffee consumption habit.