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better DeFi investments?

Whether you have a multi-step DeFi investment strategy in mind and want to calculate the metrics based on historical data, or you want to achieve certain goals and find strategies that match your desired results, in both ways Kasuria provides you with the perfect solution. Our Kasuria Explorer is already live in the alpha version. Our Kasuria Composer is currently in development. Join our alpha waitlist to get notified as soon as we launch the Kasuria Composer:

With Kasuria you will master the DeFi game.

We provide you with unique superpowers that derive from two main aspects: 1) excellent data 2) a powerful and easy-to-use web application with which you can simulate and test strategies and metrics. The combination of these two factors is what makes it possible for you to assess your strategies despite the enormous complexity of the DeFi environment and thereby gives you a huge advantage in mastering the DeFi game. Of course details matter so let´s take a closer look.

As previously touched upon, you can use Kasuria with two different approaches: first by defining your multi-step-strategy and calculate your results based on historical DeFi data and secondly by defining your range of metrics e.g., a specific Sharpe-ratio and your desired total return over a given timeframe within a certain scope (e.g., ETH) and display multi-step strategies that match your goals. To make this more tangible we have provided several PDF-documents with additional information on the right side.

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