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[kʰʌˈsʊriʌ], arabic for ‘fractal’: A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales.


Fractal-like structures can be found everywhere in DLT technology and DeFi:


From the intricate Merkle trees con-taining all the transaction hashes and the finely woven p2p network of nodes to the interlinked and inter-changeable steps of investment strategies in DeFi and its endless and recurring investment opportunities.

Investment metrics and reporting data for the new financial markets




Endless and diverse possibilities can make investing in Decentralized Finance extremely complex. Our mission at Kasuria is to help you select, compare and follow-up on the best opportunities.


Based on your strategy and our institutional-grade data – whether you are a professional asset manager or a number-savvy enthusiast.

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  • With a vast collection of well-known, proven financial metrics
  • Accompanied by Crypto/DeFi-specific data
  • Assess your financial risk and your expected returns
  • Receive information about tokens, projects and protocols



  • DeFi is not only about buying and trading tokens – often it is most rewarding to combine different strategies and protocols, for example liquidity pools and staking
  • Interlinked strategies and various consecutive steps in yield harvesting make the overall assessment of financial risk and returns complicated
  • Kasuria is the only solution in the market that provides financial data for the building blocks of DeFi strategies as aggregated “one-line-items”




  • Select the right investment opportunity
  • Compare different strategies and verticals in depth
  • Build your portfolio of strategies and benchmark
  • Track investments and transactions
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Fabian Kroll

Chief Executive Officer

Fabian is an engineer with an MBA and has extensive experience as a strategy consultant in the Financial Services industry. He worked on business models, product inno-vation and digital transformation. Or to put it in a nutshell: he's a creative problem solver. Out of never-ending curiosity he went down the rabbit hole of crypto a couple of years ago and hasn't reappeared since.

Agata Oleksy

Chief Technology Officer

Agata is a highly experienced data scientist and business intelligence specialist. Her work revolved around predictive models as well as business analytics in the Oil and Gas Sector and in Finance. She has become an expert in big data concepts and DLT data analyses although her secret passion has always been hands-on product development. Her motto: "In God we trust. All others must bring data."

Dr. Markus Hablizel

Chief Research Officer

Markus is a Mathematician and holds a Ph.D. in Number Theory along with an MBA. He is a widely acknowledged expert in blockchain applications stemming from his long-term engagement in Inno-vation Management and Corporate Development in the Finance & Insurance sector. His passion is Science and Research. No wonder he is the "Lord of the Formulas" and the DeFi protocol expert at Kasuria.

Thomas Kramer

Head of Business Development

Thomas has been in the asset management space for 15 years and has worked for some of its biggest players. For the most part he was responsible for institutional sales at one of the most reputable quants. Since there’s two things, he is passionate about – the crypto adventure and building successful businesses through trustful rela-tionships – he didn’t have to think twice when asked to join Kasuria.

Damian Rolek

Blockchain Data Engineer

Damian is a particularly versatile data scientist and business consultant. His mastery lies in working at the intersection of tech, science and business while finding innovative solutions based on data and analytics. He found his passion for finance and financial markets early on in his career – as he is at the same time an early crypto adopter his new role at Kasuria is what people call a “perfect fit”.

Sebastian Wöhler

Blockchain Data Engineer

Sebastian is a much sought-after data engineer and -scientist who has worked for multiple blockchain startups. He’s a crypto native and a tech afficionado through and through – for him Satoshi’s whitepaper is a form of art. Clean data sets are his most desirable good. He regards them as funda-mental building blocks for value creation in analytics applications and thriving business models.

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